16 dec. 2018

16.12 Christmas the American way

Idag kommer det juliga hälsningar från Alabama, USA
Tänään jouluisia terveisiä Alabamasta, USA

Hi !
My name is Danielle and I´m born in the Netherlands and live for almost 10 years in the USA in Alabama. Christmas🎄 here is a little different than in Europe, everything is over the top, 
but I love Christmas so I enjoy it!

All my family is in the Netherlands so it´s me and my husband and a few friends. 
I love to spend Christmas at home with music, a Christmas movie, 
nice food and drinking hot chocolate with a lot of marshmallows and cream on top.

All the decorations and lots of candle light. That´s Christmas for me!

This picture I took in a store while shopping in Alabama.
Here in the south grows a lot of cotton so they use it a lot
in the fall and during the holiday seasons.

This is our christmas tree in our kitchen 

Chocolate Bar 💓

We have a Christmas tree in every room.
Even the bathroom and the toilet get a Christmas makeover

Merry Christmas
from me to All of You


Instagram: maisondanielle

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